The things I should have said

I am truly blessed to have met Darian and I thank God for every moment that we had shared together. There is so much to be said about Darian but no amount of words can express the love I had for him. Darian was selfless , caring, outgoing, determined , strong willed and was loved by many. He gave me countless laughter and smiles and helped me see life in a whole new perspective. I cherish all the memories we had from going to the park, being lazy on the couch and watching movies, and webcam sessions that would go on all night. His love for me was unconditional and his giant smile could brighten up any room. It was never a dull moment around him . I fell in love with him more and more every day that we had shared together.
I will always remember all the laughs , the fighting , the tears we shed, our love for each other , and the experiences we shared together that made our relationship grow stronger as time had passed by.

I still remember the first time we had said I love you to one another. I remember the feelings ,the rush, the anxiety,& the butterflies. July 13,2011 we had gone to barona with my family and darian and I had decided to take a late night stroll around the hotel. We found a little hill near the golf course and we began talking. I remember the look in his eyes and how nervous he must have been to be with me there. We started to hug each other on the grass and he turned my head and said “I know you won’t say it until you’re ready and you find someone you love back but marie I …” I stopped him and whispered ” I love you” and we shared a kiss that night . I won’t forget how wonderful it felt to tell him how I truly felt about him.
After that, we got closer and our love grew .

I want to thank darians family for welcoming me into their home and lives. Our relationship would not have been possible if it weren’t for his mom Rosemarie Drouin and his Dad Michael Drouin. He loved and adored you both . He looked up to his dad the most and often talked about filling his shoes when he got older. He talked about how much it hurt everyday his dad had left while he was in the navy and how much of a relief it was when he came back. His courage and dedication came from you .
Although I wasn’t with darian as long as many other couples and although I didn’t truly know him for many years . I can say that I was blessed with darian and he has made a big impact on my life. I will hold a special place in my heart forever for him and he will always be missed and loved by me.
I remember the day he told me he wanted to the join the navy because it was the same day he had told me to be with him for the rest of our lives . Valentines day 2012 was the day he got on his knees and told me he wanted me to be his wife . We had talked about it but we never thought it through and December rolled around and I just had a feeling something would happen soon. I would have been so honored to be called his wife. I would have been so honored and so lucky to become a drouin. Darian guide all of us through our journeys in life and watch over us and keep me strong. I love you darian avelino drouin. God bless.


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