I guess it’s safe to say that you haven’t really crossed my mind in such a way like before. Our few moments together finally don’t bother my mind and my way of thinking. We had a good few weeks well at least that’s how I view it. I wish we didn’t stop talking the way that we did but it’s already done and now our lives are going completely different directions. Thank you for helping me realize I can actually be happy with somebody else even if our happiness together was brief. I’m sorry for my mistake and the trouble that I caused you and I completely understand that what happened made things more difficult during those times but luckily I was able to take care of the situation for both of us. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I wasn’t supposed to gain feelings for somebody … I wasn’t supposed to get so comfortable with anybody. My life is on a fast track and I wasn’t prepared for myself to actually like somebody else. At first I didn’t agree with some of the stuff you were saying but now I completely agree that we weren’t good for each other. I’m still hoping to have more conversations with you in the future. I still for some reason I have faith that you are destined for greatness. You have such great determination in your career and your goals that show how willing you are to climb the ladder of success.
I hope that one day you actually read this. Don’t think I’m psycho for typing this out I mean I get it we weren’t that serious haha but we had feelings and those feelings during a rough time in my life helped.

I truly liked you and the sad part about it is, I wasn’t supposed to.


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