Still thinking of him


I don’t think people will ever understand how much I loved this guy. I loved him so much that it still hurts everyday the only difference is that the pain is bearable these days,I loved him so much that my mind races at the slightest reminder that he’s gone, I loved him so much I don’t even know how to describe any feelings I have inside anymore… I remember moments of our time together as if it were last week. I’m too scared to let go of my memories with him.
Darian avelino Drouin is my first love and I wish he were still here for me to tell him thank you for being the most inspiring human beings to ever step foot in my life. Everything I do now will always be for him.
I’m sorry though for taking your presence for granted.I should have been more grateful towards what you have given me and instead of all the fights I should have said I’m sorry. My last words to you were I love you and everyday I’m still going to mean them.


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